Turan Legal Services is  committed to act as a reliable public access to Justice and provide the highest quality of legal services in and beyond the province of Ontario at a reasonable cost. Turan not only aim to meet, but also to exceed  clients' expectations for quality and service. TURAN LEGAL SERVICES is committed to the highest ethical standards and have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of professionalism and excellence in all of its professional endeavors. TURAN LEGAL SERVICES is established by former International Human Rights advocate Hagan Turan,(B.A, M.A Hons). 

Mr. TURAN  has demonstrated an outstanding achievement of excellence and perfection throughout his entire legal education. He has   also  displayed the same level of excellence and competence  in the practice of advocacy. In addition to legal practice, Mr. Turan also has been an international civil rights advocate and has taught law courses in some colleges such as Cestar, Lambton in Toronto, ON.  Mr. Turan  has been  providing superb legal advice and representation in the areas of  Immigration & Refugee Law, Civil Law - Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Law, and Summary Criminal Offenses. Mr. Turan is a P1 Licensee member in Good Standing of the Law Society of Ontario  since 2011, a Notary Public and a Commissioner for taking oaths and affidavits.